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Some current reviews from my current and previous business pages 


Robyn T

‘Ellie and Rosie both fix peoples pain and help them understand more of what causes it! they have

helped me so much with my own neck and shoulder problems and migraine management. I send so

many of my clients to them all of the time too! thank you both so much for helping us all become

pain free !! xxx’

Sharon M

‘Rosie and Ellie are amazing. Very professional and caring, taking the time to make sure I was

comfortable with the treatment plan of which really helped me get up and moving. I highly

recommend their service and expertise. Thank you!’


Amy M

‘With my wedding days away I found myself with loss of sensation in my hand and arm getting

progressively worse and my GP at a loss. I knew of SBK through friends and so made an appointment

to see Ellie. Not only did she reassure me that it was something totally treatable (which I needed to

hear being a panicking bride) but within 3 months my symptoms had totally gone!!! And I’m glad to

say I’ve not had a single problem since!! Totally recommend, and I do to everyone I think could

benefit as I work in healthcare myself’


Katie D

‘Ellie is amazing, she really knows her job and has excellent knowledge putting you at ease

immediately. she is so friendly and really loves a chat, especially when it comes to explaining things. i

first saw ellie last week and again this evening as she is treating me for SPD, without ellie i dont think

i would be mobile right now and would definitely be unable to work, thanks to ellie i have my life

back and am able to enjoy my pregnancy, i look forward and get excited for my next appointments

because her treatments really do work. i would highly recommend her and cant thank her enough

for what she has already done.’


Katy M

‘I’ve been suffering with lower back pain for quite some time and after being recommended to see

Ellie, I finally thought it was time to get this problem sorted! After a few sessions I already felt a huge

improvement. The treatment is continuing to improve my mobility and with the exercises she’s given

me, my strength is also improving. Can’t recommend her enough!’


Joanne B

‘Outstanding and professional service. I can't recommend them enough, without their help I would

never have been able to return to work. Thank you so much Ellie, you're a star.’


Dennis C

‘Ellie was spot on with her diagnosis and treatment. Plantar Fasciitis is now on the mend as well as

my dodgy hip. Looking forward to my follow up and getting back to normal. Thanks Ellie’


Neil E

‘would highly recommend, Elie and Rosie are great at what they do. Chronic injury is now well on the

mend. Tried 3 other establishments before visiting here.’


Vicky G

‘Ellie and Rosie have been a huge source of comfort to me during some of the most tumultuous

months of my life. I have been going to them from prior to my fibromyalgia diagnosis, and they have

been nothing but caring, understanding, empathetic, cheery and supportive. They also helped

diagnose me with benign hypermobility syndrome, which has helped my other diagnosis along, and

allowed me to get a better understanding of my body.

I get regular massage, manipulation and acupuncture there, and I always feel much better after it.

It’s really amazing to go somewhere where you feel totally understand and empathised with; and

they take a multi faceted approach, talking about diet, hobbies, therapy etc. I really really really can’t

fault them- I would even go as far to say they’ve changed my life, and helped me through a really

rough time. Thanks Ellie and Rosie!’