During the initial consultation, the osteopath will start by asking you to fill out a form of some

details of yourself, and then will undertake a full case history of your condition and past medical

history. Everything in this treatment is confidential and will not be shared to any other party.

Then the osteopath may require you to undress to your underwear (or it is optional to bring a vest

and shorts) to assess the area of dysfunction. The osteopath will assess the condition with a mixture

of observation skills, palpation, active and passive movements and orthopaedic testing to formulate

a diagnosis.

Even though some people may have the same diagnosis on paper, we personalise our treatment to

the patient, as every individual is very different. Treatment may consist of a mixture of techniques including manipulation, mobilisation, tissue treatment, stretching and exercise advice. So, at this

point, the osteopath will then explain what they have found then together with your input, will

formulate a treatment and management plan going forward.